Best Browning Trail Camera of 2020: Top Five Picks

Best Browning Trail Camera -

Often, wild animals are so easily spooked that you can very seldom capture them on camera before they simply disappear out of sight. To know what is happening on your property or the game trail, you will need some type of device to help you.

This device must have great stealth capability and, at the same time, capture video or images of that elusive wildlife. A trail camera is a device that can be attached to a tree to capture every detail without you being there.

We will take a look at some of the best trail cameras by Browning that will make it easier for us to see what is going on in the wild. So without further ado, let's jump right into these cameras and what they have to offer. This will allow you to make the best choice from this reputable brand.


Comparison Chart

Browning BTC 5 Strike Force Game Camera

Browning Strike Force HD PRO X 2019 Trail Camera

Browning BTC-4P Command Ops Pro Series Trail Camera

Browning Defender Wireless Cellular Trail Camera

Browning BTC7-4K Recon Force Trail Camera

Best Browning Trail Camera Reviews

Browning BTC 5 Strike Force Game Camera

Browning is a well-known name when it comes to good quality trail cameras, and that is for good reason. You get a great camera with many great features included to provide you with good quality videos and images.


This trail camera comes with a very fast trigger time to record everything that happens in the line of sight. This is great for picking up any game that wanders in view, so you will know what is happening. The camera will capture images at all times while it is mounted in position until the battery life runs out.

You get a long battery life with this camera, and it will last for a very long time without the need for battery replacement. You have a wide selection of modes to help save battery life and for more video and image applications.

There is also a battery life indicator included with the camera to show you the remaining battery life, as well as memory storage.

With this camera, you will get great picture and video quality any time during the day, even when there is low light. You will get crystal clear pictures and good quality and clear videos from this great camera from Browning Trail Cameras. All the images and videos are stored as compatible files that can be viewed and edited on any PC.

When it is in video mode, you will get sound included with the video footage to enhance your experience a great deal. The videos that include sound can be short or as long as two full minutes to give you more editing options. All videos can be recorded in HD mode to give you much better picture and video quality.

There are some drawbacks with this great camera, as you are not able to get any color images or videos when it is dark. Another negative aspect is that there are no cables included even if it has the USB connection option.


  • Great picture quality during the day
  • Wide movement detection range
  • Records sound in video mode
  • Long battery life for long-term use


  • Only black and white pictures at night
  • No cables included

Browning Strike Force HD PRO X 2019 Trail Game Camera

This camera is of great quality and has many nice features that are included with the camera. You will also get a number of extras with the camera that will make your life much easier when recording footage.


With a very wide motion detection range included with this camera, you will never be without video footage again. The motion detector will detect animals or anything else even before they are in range of the camera view. This means you will have a picture or video the whole time it is in the view of the camera.

You have the option of recording video footage in very high-quality HD images or videos. The long flash range will also allow your camera to produce videos or images of animals from a longer distance. All the images and video footage can be quickly stored on a memory card for viewing at a later time.

Also included with this camera is the option to record sound with the high-quality HD videos. This camera is also very easy to set up and mount to get it ready for image and video recording of the trail. It is also very simple to choose the recording mode on the user-friendly menu for automatic recording.

The camera has a very fast reaction of only 0.22 seconds trigger speed to quickly capture the image or start recording video. It has a 1.5-inch color view on the camera to give you much better quality images and clear video.

This camera is compatible with major smartphones and other devices and comes with connection options for quick and easy downloading.

Unfortunately, there are no batteries included with this camera, and you must obtain them yourself at extra cost. You also do not get the cables included for the USB connection option, and that will also add to the overall cost.


  • Wide motion detection range
  • High-quality video capturing abilities
  • Sound included with video recording
  • Fast reaction speed for great pictures


  • No batteries included with this camera
  • No cables included with the camera

Browning BTC-4P Command Ops Pro Series Trail Camera

Again, you will get great quality images, as well as video footage that can be easily reviewed on your PC. With many upgrades included, the Command Ops trail camera will deliver solid performance and is well-designed and constructed to last a very long time.


The pictures that are captured with this trail camera are of high quality to give you a much sharper picture of the animals. You can get pictures of 14 megapixels for a much better experience and picture quality to review later. These high-quality pictures are available during the day, as well as at night when the animals come out.

You also get a fast trigger speed with this camera of 0.5 seconds to capture movement in view of the camera. Every time the motion detector activates the camera, it will take quick pictures of what is on the trail. It will also activate the video option if in video recording mode to record the footage while there is movement.

There is also the option to have sound with all the video recordings to give you a much better user experience. This will also allow for better quality videos, so you will have the sounds of the wild while looking at the videos. The videos are recorded in high-quality HD and show every detail when playing it back and when editing the videos.

With a small size, this camera is very compact and light and can easily be set up and mounted. The camera is also strong and sturdy and will withstand everything the elements will throw at it while in the open. The infrared light that is built into the camera will also help to capture great image quality at night.

Unfortunately, this camera can not be connected to other devices for a quick download of the images and footage. Also, there is no extra storage space included when you buy this camera, so this needs to be added separately at extra cost.


  • High-quality picture resolution
  • Very fast trigger speeds
  • Sound included with the video footage
  • Small and compact for easy transporting


  • Can not be connected to other devices
  • Does not come with a storage card

Browning Defender Wireless Cellular Trail Camera

With this camera, you have an option to remotely send images to your cell phone or other devices via a communication network. It is also a strong and sturdy camera that will be able to last a long time out in the open without the worry about it breaking if it is knocked over.


You get an adjustable detection range that can be set in advance for long-range detection or for short-range detection. This will allow you to choose the best setup to get a better image and video quality for later viewing. It will also help to only take pictures at close range and not where the animals are hidden behind obstacles.

All the images or videos that are taken by the camera can be sent to your cell phone for immediate viewing. This will allow you to see what is going on at that exact time, and this is great for when you are hunting.

The high megapixel camera will help to capture great quality images to give you a much clearer picture of the wild. You also get a 2-inch wide color viewing screen to see recent pictures or videos that were taken by the camera.

Additionally, you get storage space included with the SD card that comes with the camera when you purchase it. All the pictures, images, and videos can be stored directly in the storage media when they are captured.

For the cellular camera to send you all that is captured to your smartphone, you will need a monthly subscription to a network. That may cost you money every month and may become quite a financial burden.

There is also no option of a USB connection or any other type of cable connection to any device or PC. This will be a problem if you quickly need to download the images and videos to a laptop or tablet device.


  • Comes with an adjustable detection range
  • Can remotely connect to cellular phones
  • Comes with a high-resolution camera
  • Sound included with videos for added versatility


  • Month-to-month cellular plan is needed for connection
  • No cable connection to other devices

Browning BTC7-4K Recon Force Trail Camera

With this trail camera from Browning, you get great quality and functionality all in one package for a great experience. It comes with many features to give you quality pictures and videos of the game trail and great quality detail.


With this camera, you either use AA-batteries or you can power it with a 12V solar-charged battery. This will allow for a very long time of video capture without the interruption of the batteries running out and leaving you stranded.

The video quality of this Recon Force camera is of ultra high quality due to the great 4K capability of the camera. With this feature included, you will see all the details of the trail and will miss out on nothing.

It will even provide you with very high-quality images from the 32-megapixel camera included for great user experience. The great quality pictures that are taken with the camera will provide you with every detail possible.

The nighttime picture control allows for much better picture quality when there is little to no light available. This is done with the adjustable infrared flash that provides you with two different modes for better image control.

Unfortunately, the batteries for this great camera are not included with this camera, and you will need to get them at extra cost. You do have the extra option to improve the battery life with an external 12V connection option.

There is also no carry case included with this camera, which would help protect it from damage when in storage or transport. This camera also does not directly connect with other devices with a cable or with any other means.


  • Comes with a dual battery option for longer usage time
  • Very high-quality video for the price
  • High-resolution picture quality for exceptional images
  • Nighttime picture control options


  • No batteries are included - must buy separately
  • No carry case included with the camera


The best of Browning trail cameras is the Defender Wireless trail camera, which comes with a lot of extra features for your convenience. Our runner-up is the BTC7-4K Recon Force, which comes with the option of an external power source to provide power.

Which one you get depends on your personal preferences. Armed with all of this knowledge, you should go out and get the best one for your budget and your needs. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your next adventure with your new Browning trail camera!