Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots of 2020 to Keep Your Feet Warm

Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots -

When you are out hunting, you need some form of protection for your feet in the very harsh environments out there. That means protection against the elements as well as from the surface you are going to move around on while hiking.

And even more so when you are out hiking during the very cold winter months when other people are staying indoors. So for that, you will need insulation as well as waterproof hunting boots.

In this review, we take a close look at these types of boots that claim they will protect your feet while outdoors. So without further ado, let's get into the best cold weather hunting boots.


Comparison Chart

Magreel Waterproof Rubber Boots

Hisea Rubber Hunting Boots

TideWe 16″ Hunting Boot

Rocky Men’s RKS0184 Mid Calf Boot

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Boots

Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots Reviews

Magreel Waterproof Rubber Boots

With these winter hunting boots for men and women from Magreel, you get functionality and great aesthetics in one package. They are well-designed to be used in mild to very cold weather to keep your feet warm and protected at the same time.

Product Highlights

These boots come with great protection at key areas all over the boot to keep your feet safe from harm. This is done with protection that is added for the toes, the heels, and at the boot’s instep.

You get anti-slip soles on these boots that will keep you safe on many different types of surfaces where you could slip. These soles are durable and allow you to move on all kinds of terrains without the worry that you may have an accident.

The fact that these boots are waterproof makes quite a difference for when you move in snowy areas or on any wet surfaces. They will keep your socks and feet dry all the time to prevent the bad smells that come with moisture.

You also have a rubber outer shell that covers the bottom half of the boot to provide excellent protection for the feet. And you also get great insulation to keep the feet warm and comfortable in all types of cold weather.

The Good

These winter hunting boots are good looking and comfortable, and they come with a lot of great features to keep your feet protected. It is the ideal boot to be used for hunting in very cold weather as well as for many other applications.

The Bad

If you are one of those people that have very large calves, then these boots are not meant for you. They may also have some problems with the soles that are of mediocre quality and may not withstand rough use and terrain.


  • They have anti-slid protection
  • These boots are waterproof for all weather conditions
  • You get great insulation included with these boots


  • The soles are of mediocre quality
  • They are not meant for very large calves

Hisea Rubber Hunting Boots

These boots are good looking and comfortable, are made from high-quality materials, and are available in different colors. You get great quality boots for men that are made to be used in many different types of situations, but especially for hunting.

Product Highlights

The waterproof feature you get with these boots allows you to use them in wet areas, and they are great for fishing. And they can be used in cold areas where you will find a lot of wetness on the ground.

They will also resist many different types of corrosion that may be caused by spilled chemicals as well as oil. So these boots are suitable for use in many different types of work environments, as well as for outdoor use.

With the anti-slip soles that come with these hunting boots, you can safely maneuver on many different types of surfaces. Even when the soles are wet, they will still allow you to safely move around on slippery surfaces to help keep your footing.

These hunting boots are made from strong and high-quality materials that keep the shoes lightweight and sturdy as well as very comfortable. They are also non-abrasive to resist tearing while you are moving around in harsh environments that are very unforgiving.

The Good

The air mesh lining that is included with these boots will increase free airflow throughout to reduce sweating. You also get a stretch fit with the top part of the boot for a comfortable fit with the calves.

The Bad

They are unfortunately not available in larger sizes for those people out there with very large feet, but hopefully, they will in the future. And these boots will not keep your feet warm in the super cold regions when you need extra insulation.


  • These boots are waterproof and shock-resistant
  • They come with a corrosion-resistant feature
  • An anti-slip sole is installed
  • Lightweight and comfortable for long-term wear


  • These boots are not available in very large sizes
  • Not meant for very cold areas

TideWe 16" Hunting Boot

With these boots, you get real outdoor boots that are meant for those people that move around during the cold winters. They are also very practical and functional boots and can be used for many outdoor winter activities and applications.

Product Highlights

The anti-slip soles that are included will help to secure your footing while you are out on the trail, hunting. This will happen on many different types of surfaces, and in even the harshest of weather conditions, you may find yourself.

With 400 grams of insulation included with these hunting boots, they will keep your feet warm during cold winters. The insulation may be low for the ultracold regions, but this leaves you with much better mobility than higher isolation would.

For added protection for your feet, there is protection added in the form of a toe guard. It also comes with a heel guard to provide better protection to the heels while moving around in the wild.

The overall design of these hunting boots is to keep your feet warm and dry all the time, and everywhere you go. For that, the materials used in the construction of these boots are of a waterproof nature as well as corrosion-resistant.

The Good

With the lightweight design of these hunting boots, you will not feel these boots on your feet when you are walking. The soles will absorb impact while you are walking, and the interior will retain the heat to keep your feet warm.

The Bad

These boots do not come with proper ankle support, and your feet may become tired after some walking around or standing. These boots may be insulated, but they are not suitable to be used in very cold regions where you need more insulation.


  • Anti-slip soles are included
  • They are of 400-gram insulation style
  • There is added protection in key areas
  • Designed to be waterproof and non-slip


  • They do not come with a lot of ankle support
  • These boots are not suitable for very cold regions

Rocky Men's RKS0184 Mid Calf Boot

This is a nice looking boot that comes with a lot of features included with it to give you a very comfortable hiking experience. It also looks strongly built and has great support for your feet when you are moving around on not so good surfaces.

Product Highlights

The construction of these hunting boots from Rocky are of excellent quality craftsmanship, and they are made to be waterproof. They will help to keep your feet dry and warm while you are out hunting during the very cold winter months.

And talking of the cold, these boots are insulted in the 800-gram insulation style to keep your feet warm in even the coldest regions. The thickness may restrict your movements a bit with the high grade of isolation, but your feet will be warm and comfy.

They are made from materials that are resistant to tearing and ripping while you are hiking out there in the harsh environments. So without rips and with the waterproof feature included, your feet will be warm and dry all the time.

And while you have warm and dry feet, these boots will reduce the chance of fatigue with their lightweight design. They are also sturdy and provide a good amount of protection to your feet from any harm to the environment.

The Good

The EVA midsole will help keep your feet comfortable the whole time you walk around in the wild when out hunting. These boots come with a rather strong rubber sole that will help to absorb the shock of any hard surface and keep you quiet.

The Bad

Although these boots are made of waterproof construction, they are only warranted to be waterproof for about 6 months. Furthermore, these boots do not come with non-slip soles included for the added safety feature you need out there.


  • These boots are of waterproof construction
  • They are made from a rip-resistant material
  • 800 grams insulation is used with these boots
  • They are lightweight and sturdy - great for longer hunting trips


  • A short waterproof warranty comes with it
  • Non-slip soles are not included

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Boots

With this boot, you get high-quality and durable materials that will allow a very comfortable hiking trip every time you are out there. It comes with a very high price tag attached to it, but it is understandable with the genuine leather it is made from.

Product Highlights

These boots are made from high-quality leather to make them strong enough to withstand the rugged environment of the wild. They are also durable and sturdy to keep your feet protected from the elements and any harm out there while hiking.

These boots are made with waterproof construction to keep your feet dry and can be used in very wet areas. They will also prevent your feet from getting wet when you walk through shallow streams and through the snow on your treks.

The stiff nylon midsole will provide great support to your feet to reduce the chance of early fatigue while you are hunting. You also get great traction capabilities with the K-talon outsoles to prevent unsure footing that may cause damage to the ankles.

They are insulated in the 400-gram insulation style to keep your feet warm against the cold in the winter months. The Windex membrane that is included with the boots allows some breathability for the boots to keep your feet dry and fresh.

The Good

Genuine leather is used in the construction of these boots to make them very strong and durable to last a long time. You also get great support from the soles to keep your feet comfortable on uneven surfaces while you are out hunting.

The Bad

These boots are insulated against the winter cold but only for the medium cold regions where 400 grams of insulation is enough. The soles are not of the anti-slip design to keep you safe from slipping on very rough terrains and surfaces.


  • These boots are strong and sturdy
  • They come with a waterproof feature included
  • Great sole support is included
  • Insulated against the winter cold


  • There is no non-slip sole included with these boots
  • They are suitable for medium cold regions only


A review without a buyer’s guide is not complete, so there are a few things to consider before committing to a product. It is also applicable to the acquiring of hunting boots to protect your feet from the cold and hardship of the outdoors.

There are many brands of hunting boots for the winter months out there that come with many different characteristics peculiar to each brand. In this review, we looked at different brands and types of winter hunting boots to see what they offer to the hunter.

So let’s take a look at the things to consider and the questions that need answers regarding winter hunting boots.


If you are a hunter that moves around a lot in the wild, you will not need much insulation to keep your feet warm. Too much insulation will also restrict movement for the busy hunter that needs to be on the move most of the time.

For the hunter that stays in one place, waiting for the game to come to them, insulation is essential during the cold months. You need more insulation to keep the feet warm than for a hunter that moves around a lot.

So any type of insulation of 400 grams is good for the mobile hunter, but more is needed for the camping hunter.

Lining Materials

There are different reasons for installing linings inside a hunting boot and may either be good or bad for the hunter. Linings are, in general, used to cover the seams inside the boot to prolong the life of a hunting boot.

In other instances, linings are used to protect the feet from fatigue and to pad the inside of the boot. The wrong lining or too much lining in certain circumstances may, on the other hand, cause the feet to sweat too much.

So it is very important to have the right amount of lining as well as the correct material for the right purpose.

Comfort Zone

This depends entirely on the brand and the type of boot you want to buy, and none of them are the same. The comfort zone is determined by the protection that is provided as well as the layers of rubber for toe and heel protection.

It is also the range of temperature where the boot performs at its best to provide comfort and protection. Will the boot cause your feet to sweat when it is above 60 degrees, or will your feet be too cold below -40 degrees?

You need to know the right features of the boot; some of them are comfortable between -70 degrees and 30 degrees Fahrenheit.


The materials a hunting boot is made of will determine whether it is waterproof or not and if it is water repellant. Most winter hunting boots are constructed in such a way to be waterproof to keep feet dry inside the boots.

When a hunting boot is made from natural materials such as leather, it will have to be treated to be waterproof. But certain synthetic materials are waterproof, and the boot will be built in different layers to make it more or less waterproof.

The waterproof treatment of hunting boots can be done at home, but it is better to have it be done professionally.

Price Versus Value

This is always a question everyone struggles with. Does the price justify the quality of the hunting boots? In most cases, the better the quality of the boot, the more you will pay for it, and it should last longer.

But there are hunting boots out there that are made from synthetic materials and are of good quality but quite affordable. And then there are those that are very cheap, but they have no quality at all.

You need to look out while shopping to find the right quality boot that you can afford and get those to protect your feet.


Q: How Much Insulation Should Be In Hunting Boots For Cold Weather?

There should not be too much insulation in a hunting boot that will restrict the movement if you are moving around a lot. If you are a hunter that moves around a lot, 400 grams of insulation should be enough to keep your feet warm.

For the hunter that does not move around a lot, you should use 800 to 900 grams of insulation to keep the feet warm. Just remember that too much insulation is not always good, and too little is also not good.

So you should decide for yourself how much insulation you will need when you are out hunting for the pot.

Q: Who Makes the Warmest Hunting Boots?

The warmest hunting boots are made by the Rocky hunting boot manufacturer to keep your feet warm in the winter. Another of those boots that are quite warm in the winter are those from Kenetrek and the winter boots by TideWe.

These are some of the companies that make the warmest winter hunting boots to keep your feet warm while you are out hunting.

Q: How Thick Should Socks Be When Wearing Hunting Boots During Cold weather?

For walking around outside in the winter cold, you would want to go for thick wool socks to keep your feet warm. How thick they should be will all depend on your type of winter hunting boots and if there is space for more.

The thickest wool socks you have that will still allow the boots to fit on your feet is usually the way to go. There are no specific measurements attached to how thick your socks should be. If you know you are going to be in a very cold place, it's better to buy boots in a larger size.

Q: Should I Go With Camouflage Colored Hunting Boots For Winter?

It is always better to wear neutral colors when you go out hunting in the winter; this will allow a certain stealth element. Other colors will just let you stand out too much to allow an enjoyable hunting experience.

Q: What To Wear If You Don’t Have Hunting Boots For Cold Weather Or Winter?

If you do not have winter hunting boots available, you can always opt for other types of winter boots. Regular winter hiking boots should do the trick, and even standard hunting boots that are waterproof will work with thick socks.


The best winter hunting boots in this review will be the Rocky Broadhead hunting boots that come with plenty of insulation. They also come with many extra features included to make your next hunting trip a great experience.

A second-best will be the hunting boots from TideWe that also have good insulation but come with a lower price tag.

So consider your budget and your needs, match them to the best product, and enjoy your next hunting expedition.