Best Gut Hook Knife for Deer – Buck Knives Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife

Best Gut Hook Knife for Deer - Buck Knives Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife


Buck Knives Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife: QUICK OVERVIEW


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What We Like

  • Razor sharp
  • Solid build, smart design
  • Made in the USA

What We Don't Like

  • No known issues so far

When you need craftsmanship, quality, and a long-lasting, dependable knife that you can count on, this Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife from the renowned company of Buck Knives is your go-to. It’s an excellent knife for any game, but especially deer due to its ability to quickly and easily skin and field dress.

Buck Knives have been around since 1902 and are made in the US, so you can be confident in choosing this. Any company that’s had customers since Teddy Roosevelt’s time has been field tested – and approved! Let's have a look why this is one of the best gut hook knife for deer.

Buck Knives Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife Review

Don’t let the striking simplicity of this knife’s design fool you; it’s a balanced and powerful tool for hunters. It fits well in the hand, the blade is full tang and razor sharp, and the gut hook is also sharp for field dressing any animal with ease and quickness.

Thanks to the Buck Knives company’s commitment to longevity and quality, they do include what they call their “forever” warranty. You get a lifetime warranty on this knife, so if it’s not performing the way you want or has a physical defect, you can easily get another one.

Who is this Product for?

A gut hook knife is for the serious hunter who needs a powerful zipper blade to take care of your prize deer right in the field. It’s easy to use and will make a huge difference on your next hunt, because it literally opens up the animal like a zipper. In seconds, you’ll be able to do what a regular blade couldn’t. It will be a trusty companion on hunting trips for years to come.

What’s Included?

Once you receive this knife, it comes with only two accessories, besides the box it’s shipped in. The Buck Knives box is only large enough to hold the knife, which is packaged inside its sheath and sent. You also get a small, folded paper instruction sheet that includes a message from the Buck Knives company.

The sheath is not made of leather, but of heavy duty polyester and lined with plastic, making it both durable and sturdy. There’s a snap at the top to keep it in place, and an integrated belt loop to carry it on your belt for quick retrieval. The handle protrudes from the sheath for about two inches. The sheath is curved on one side and straight on the other. No sharpener included, but a round ceramic rod is recommended for sharpening the gut hook.

Overview of Features

This is a handsome knife any deer hunter would be proud to own. The blade is 4 1/8” in length, with a drop point and a curved gut hook point opposite the tip. It’s 420HC (high carbon) steel, and it has a hollow ground blade. It’s got a good thickness that balances the blade and ensures it won’t bend or snap inside the animal – even if it hits bone.

The knife belly is very good quality, very sharp, and has a precise point. The gut hook itself is ground to a bevel on both sides, making it extremely sharp. That’s why it’s called a zipper-type knife – to open an animal like a zipper. The hook is at the perfect angle for skinning.

The handle is striking and dramatically designed, with a black, textured appearance that resembles snakeskin, as well as a brass pommel and brass butt cap. The pommel protects your fingers from the blade during use.

The handle is rubber to make it anti-slip and has a contoured grip. Rubber makes it easy to keep clean of blood and animal hair. It’s meant to be held with your four fingers wrapped around and thumb sitting on the blade, and that’s thick enough to be comfortable.

How to Use This Knife

Due to its blade shape, this Zipper Fixed Blade Knife is best suited for heavier tasks when field dressing game. You can make short work of skinning, even under adverse conditions.

To use in field dressing, first you want to hold the knife belly side down to make a slit in the hide. It only has to be large enough for the gut hook to fit. Then, flip the knife upside down, so the gut hook is facing downward, and the belly of the knife is vertically upwards.

Insert the gut hook into the hide and then pull along the length of the skin. The beveled edges of the hook’s base will easily open up the animal along any part that you choose.

Alternative Product

Buck Knives Omnihunter Folding Knife. If you love this style – and this company – but would prefer a folding knife for convenience and portability, then we recommend the Buck Knives Omnihunter Folding Knife. The handle has a thumb stud for easy one-handed opening, and the handle is ergonomically designed.


With this single Buck Knives Zipper Fixed Blade Knife, you won’t need separate tools for dressing, skinning, and boning. Definetely the best gut hook knife for deer. It does everything all in one; it’s designed with handsome looks, and it feels good in the hand. Take it with you on your next trip, and it will beautifully dress your prized shot!