Best Hunting Knife

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Best Hunting Knife

Getting ready for hunting season means acquiring reliable gear that won’t let you down when it really counts. If you’re looking online for the best hunting knife on the market, be cautious that you don’t mistake high cost for high quality. A good-quality hunting knife shouldn’t cost a small fortune. Check out our product-to-product comparisons and reviews for information on how to choose the right blade.

Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knives Comparison Review

We’ve taken an in-depth look at 5 of the most popular hunting knives on the market in 2018, and here’s what we’ve found: Prices and quality can vary significantly from one product to the next. Our comparison analyzed the following five hunting knives:

Morakniv Craftline Robust Trade Knife
Gerber StrongArm
Sheffield Rogue 10”
Elk Ridge ER-052
MTech USA MT-20 14 Series

Wow- Did Prices Vary!

Prices ranged from $6.98 for the MTech to $2,000 for the Sheffield Rogue.
We liked the price of the MTech USA, which came in as the cheapest, but certainly not the lowest-quality of blades. The MTech actually had a lot to offer for such an incredibly low price.

Here’s what you’re getting for under $7.00: The MTech is a heavy duty, tactical blade with an overall length of 6.5 inches. It’s a bit shorter than what we would have liked in a fixed-blade knife, however, our reviewers were forced to return to the price and compare the overall value with other products in our review. It was tough to beat the MTech’s super cheap, super lightweight features.

Multi-function at its Best

The MTech’s nylon-fiber injected mold handle has a lanyard hole at the end that doubles as a glass breaker. It also comes with a nylon fiber sheath- again, a lot to expect out of a seven dollar knife. The military-grade blade is a 2.75-inch stainless steel double-edge that didn’t stay sharp for quite as long as we had hoped but holds incredible promise as a backup knife that can be hidden around the neck without you giving it a second’s notice during the hunt.

First Choice

We highly recommend the MTech as a second-choice or additional carry to our first pick, which was easily the Gerber StrongArm. Coming in at the cost of about $50, this is the blade you want to have on hand for any and every situation you could come across.

The StrongArm is a well-crafted knife that sports a 4.8” blade, weighing in at 8 ounces, you know it’s in your hand. We liked its customizable sheath, its drop point blade, and it very comfortable glass-filled nylon handle with rubber-over mold.

Check out our full review and decide for yourself which one is the best hunting knife available today. Our website is set up as a free resource for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts looking for the latest news and information on hunting gear.