Best Hunting Knives

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Best Hunting Knives

Our team at Wildlife Chase has created a comprehensive, free resource for our online visitors looking for the best hunting knives on the market. Feel free to read product reviews, informative articles, and helpful advice on how to choose the right hunting knife, and the best way to keep your knife its sharpest.

Benchmade Versus Kershaw

You may have spent a lifetime avoiding this debate, but the time has come to set the record straight. If you’re in the market for a foldable knife you can quickly open one-handed, there’s coming a time when you’ll have to decide which one will best meet your needs.

The Benchmade wins out in our side-by-side product review- and it does it hands-down for having been manufactured in the USA. Before looking at the features and benefits of owning either knife, we’ll stand by our determination that the Benchmade is a better product, from merely owning numerous products manufactured in both countries. There’s simply no comparison between a USA-made knife and one coming from China.

Let’s Cut to the Chase

Quality manufacturing aside, we wanted to take a look at the products’ ability to cut well every time, along with its unique advantages over the competition. Here’s what we found:

Adding Up the Costs

Sure, the Benchmade costs more, but consider what you’re getting for the price. High-quality stainless steel is a superior choice in a hunting knife- one you can rely on for consistency from one product to the next. This is a blade that’s going to hold its edge and cut when you need it to do its job.

The Kershaw costs considerably less, being made from budget steel. It’s going to get the job done, but you’re going to know at the time that you’ve sacrificed quality for savings.

The Best Hunting Knives Have Ergonomic Handles

This is precisely why we prefer the Benchmade to the Kershaw. A fiberglass reinforced nylon handle makes the Benchmade an exceptional choice for comfort- it’s also lightweight and perfectly balanced. We liked the textured surface on the handle that gave it a slightly better fit to our grasp.

Kershaw knives feature stainless, coated handles that make them resistant to corrosion, but hard on the hands. We found it difficult to work with the Kershaw due to its short handle.

Benchmade Got Our Attention Many Times Over

We find that the Benchmark folding hunting knife has earned its place among the best hunting knives being manufactured today. At its current price point, we feel it’s a smart investment. We particularly liked the locking mechanism of the Benchmade that consists of a simple but reliable toggle that can be used by the right or left hand.

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