Best Knife Sharpener For Hunting Knives 2021

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Abraham Lincoln once said, “If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.” He knew that a sharp blade made his job not just easier but safer. Any hunter who has ever processed their own game knows this too. That’s why we have compiled this list of the best knife sharpeners for hunting knives.

We broke our search down into 4 categories, Pro, Pocket-Sized, Fast and Traditional. Then we examined a range of different options to find the best knife sharpeners for hunting knives in each category.

Pro Sharpener

For the Pro category, we preferred the Wicked Edge Pro Pack knife sharpener. This amazing sharpening system is made in the USA and takes all the guesswork out of getting a razor-sharp edge. Using their clamping system you can lock your knife in at the correct angle so the sharpening stone is always aligned with your knifes bevel. The stone is also locked in so you get the perfect angle with each pass. The kit allows you to sharpen both sides of the knife without adjusting the clamping mechanism. 

The kit also comes with stones from 100 to 1,000 grit so you can sharpen the dullest knives quickly. It even includes a leather strop for finishing your edge.

That makes The Wicked Edge Pro Pack 1 the best knife sharpener for hunting knives if you want a professional sharpener.

Traditional Sharpener

If you are a traditionalist looking for the best knife sharpener for hunting knives you will love the Homoo Art whetstones kit. It comes with a 400, 1,000  and 6,000 grit stone and a stone holder, and nothing else! You control the angle of your blade as it sweeps across the stone and the pressure you use. 

The wet stones are top quality and you get to take pride in sharpening your hunting knife the same way your great great grandfather did. 

These quality whetstones are also great for sharpening your axe, kitchen knives or scissors so they are perfect for anyone looking for versatility.

If you are interested in a no frills quality shapener that has will still get your knives perfectly sharp try the Homoo Art sharpener.

Fast Sharpener

If you don’t have a lot of time but still want your knife to be razor-sharp, the Work Sharp is the best knife sharpener for hunting knives you will find. This great tool uses a sharpening belt similar to those used by professional knife makers. You simply pass your knife through the sharpener a few times then use the honing rod and you are done. The sharpener and honing rod both have guides so there is no way to mess up your bevel. This means you can go from dull to sharp enough to shave with in minutes.

The honing rod can also be used to sharpen the serrations on your knife. This is tough to do with most other sharpeners as serrated blades are notoriously difficult to sharpen. 

If you want sharp knives faster than all of your friends, try the Work Sharp sharpener.

Pocket-Sized Sharpener

If what you really need is a good sharpener you can use in the field that won’t take up space in your bag, the RAXMIN Double-Sided sharpener is perfect. This sharpener is likely smaller than your knife, folds up to fit in your pocket and weighs next to nothing.

It has a 400 and 600 grit side so you can quickly sharpen your knife before you start to process an animal. This the best knife sharpener for hunting knives if you plan to be out in the field for a few days and need to process a carcass before you pack it out.

We also like this sharpener because it is affordable. When you are out in the field it’s easy to misplace something or for things to get broken. Having a good sharpener that does not break the bank is perfect for this situation.

If you want an a sharp knife at a great price, try the Raxmin sharpener.

All of the above sharpeners will put a great edge on your blades so we know you will love whichever one you choose. Now you just need to get out there and find some game to try your newly sharpened knife out on. Good luck. If you are looking for advice on how to sharpen your hunting knife, we also have a great blog on that.

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