Best Trail Cameras

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Best Trail Cameras

Visit Wildlife Chase for advice on how to choose from the best trail camera on the market today. We provide side-by-side comparisons and real product reviews to assist our visitors with the most up-to-date information available regarding trail camera, hunting knives, hunting boots, and hunting binoculars.

Enjoy our free resources any time you want to visit our website. Our goal is to enhance your hunting experience with the latest news on products, expert advice and tips on how to get the most out of your investment, and informative articles that make it easy to choose the best products for your adventure.

The Best Trail Cameras at the Best Prices

We don’t believe you have to spend a small fortune to own a trail camera that does everything you want it to do- and more. Our product experts have gathered all the pertinent information available on the top 5 trail cameras on the market and delivered a comprehensive product review that weeds out the competition. Our top pick for cameras costing under $100- the Rexing Woodlens.

At just $99, the Woodlens is an exceptional trail camera with numerous features and special mentions we’re quick to point out in our review. Pick up a $30 accessory at your local Apple store, and you can use your iDevice to see captured images while still on the trail.

Don’t Settle For Second Best

While our 2nd and 3rd pick trail cameras caught our attention and gave us plenty to think about when selecting a surveillance camera, we found the Rexing Woodlens just had more of what we were looking for at the low price point. In fact, the Woodlens was the only trail camera that didn’t deliver grainy night images.

Choose the Woodlens for its HD photo and video, ultra-fast trigger; silent LED flash, built-in display, lower power consumption, and secure design. Don’t let the fact that the Woodlens requires 8 AA batteries keep you from owning what many consider to be among the very best trail cameras being made today. Pick up a double pack or rechargeable batteries and a cheap recharger- they’ll pay for themselves in time.

We Liked the Runner-Up- We Didn’t Love It

While we held the TEC.BEAN as our second pick, it was a clear choice that the Woodlens would win out over the TEC when we got a look at the difference in night vision images. There was a lot to like about the TEC, and we feel obligated to highlight its many pros; however, we also think it’s important to point out the grainy properties of images being captured at night.

Spend a few dollars more- and we mean, less than $10- and seriously consider the Rexing Woodlens when choosing a trail camera. The Woodlens has earned a right to stand beside the best trail camera being sold today- many which are more expensive than the cost-efficient Rexing.