Best Trail Cams

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Best Trail Cams

Every part of our world is better because of technology. Hunting is still a fun and exciting sport for many but the introduction of new types of gear can improve the experience and make it better. A trail camera is an almost indispensible piece of equipment for deer hunters and other outdoorsmen. There are many different models and manufacturers so it Is helpful to learn about the features that are available on the best trail cams on the market.

Features on the Best Trail Cams

There are some features that you will want to look for in the best trail cams. The lens is one of the most important parts of the entire device. A wide angle lens may be helpful because it allows you to view a large area. It is also essential to have night-vision. Undoubtedly much of the action will occur at night or during low light periods so it is ideal to be able to get a clear look.

A high resolution LCD display will give you the best view of the action. It is also helpful to have plenty of room to allow for recording so that you won’t run out of space or start to record over old footage. Time lapse is a good feature for both photo and video modes. It allows you to capture photos or videos at specific intervals of time.

The best trail cams are reliable in a wide variation of temperatures and weather conditions. The camera may be out in the elements for days at a time and should be waterproof and have a damage-proof casing. This will protect it while it is out of your sight.  

Tips for Using Trail Cams

Set up a trail cam in the location where you most expect there to be deer. Typically it is best to place it on a tree at about chest height so you can capture the best photos. You may also choose to place the camera near a salt lick or where you have placed bait. Then, watch to see where the deer are located.

You may want to place more than one trail cam in the area so you can get a better idea of the movement of deer. You can find some very reliable trail cameras at affordable prices. Many of them are priced at less than a hundred dollars.

As you get used to using a trail cam you will soon be unable to hunt without one. It will make your hunting trips much more productive and fun. You won’t have any more wasted time waiting for deer in the wrong places.

Instead, you will be able to more quickly locate the deer you are looking for and avoid the areas where there are few deer or small ones. If you are an avid hunter you’ll want several trail cams and if you only go out a couple times a year you will want to use a trail cam so you can come back with a trophy deer.