Best Wireless Trail Camera of 2019 – Complete Reviews With Comparison

Best Wireless Trail Camera of 2018 - Complete Reviews With Comparison

Wireless technology has advanced over the past decade. Almost every piece of technology you own is likely to be wireless.

Trail cameras have also come a long way and now have the ability to use cell services to automatically send you photos, videos, and text through messaging and emails.

The biggest issue with wireless trail cameras is that a majority of the time they will not have good wireless support. 

So, to help you find and locate the best possible wireless trail cameras that are built to have strong and lasting signals, here are our top picks for the 5 best wireless trail cameras.

Gosira Motion Activated Trail Camera 120°Wide Sensor Detection 0.4S Trigger 1080P Night Vision 42Pcs 940nm No Flash IR LED

Moultrie A-40i Game Camera (2018) | A-Series| 14 MP | 0.7 S Trigger Speed | 720p Video | Compatible with Moultrie Mobile (sold separately)

Spartan HD GoCam (4G AT&T Version, Model#GC-A4Gb, Blackout Infrared) 4G Wireless

Covert Code at&T Solid Camera, Brown

Bushnell Day and Night Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera – 6 MP 119519

Best Wireless Trail Camera Reviews

1. Gosira Trail Game Camera

The Gosia Trail Game Camera is perfect for using as a camera for trapping, hunting, incident observation, or general use of a high-speed camera. It has a high motion sensor that can pick up very fast speeds.

The package includes a wildlife camera, a wall mount, mounting belt, USB and video cables, and an instruction manual. You will have to purchase an SD card and batteries for the camera.


This camera has one of the fastest shooting speeds of 0.4s. This can make your pictures come to life, as you will be able to see details you wouldn't be able to see with the naked eye. There is no delay and you will not have to wait long for the perfect still picture while using this camera.

It has a high quality resolution by using a high-performance 12MP for clear images. It takes a full 1080p HD videos along with the sound. You have the option to use 3 video modes, shoot 3 pics per detection, and a 10-minute video.

It also includes excellent night vision with excellent hidden performance. It uses the latest infrared technology at a 940NM invisible LED light. When it gets dark out it uses 42 pcs lights that turn on automatically when it takes a picture. You can take a picture of an animal around 20 meters distance away. It also includes a wide sensor zone of 120 PIR.

It’s IP66 waterproof resistant, making it ideal for rain, moist, and bad outdoor environments. Use it for wilderness shots, outdoor nature, gardening, home surveillance, etc. The camera has a one-year product warranty, so if anything goes wrong while you have it the company will replace it.

What's to like about the Gosira Trail Game Camera

  • Fast shooting speed
  • High quality resolution
  • Excellent night vision
  • Wide sensor zone
  • Waterproof

What's not to like about the Gosira Trail Game Camera

  • Short lifespan


  • check
    High Quality Resolution
  • check
    Wide Sensor Zone


  • Short lifespan

2. Moultrie A-Series Game Camera

The Moultrie brand began with a hunter named Dan Moultrie who was trying to pioneer game management. Today it has grown to be one of the biggest brands of game cameras and will continue to release innovative technology that hunters can rely on.

It is defined by reliability and is easy to use, all of the Moultrie products are field tested for hunting, outdoor activity, and the best HD resolution. Moultrie consistently demonstrates that they know what they’re doing when they create a camera. The A-Series cameras are all high quality and are designed to give you the best nighttime vision.


The Moultrie A-Series Camera is designed with a long-range infrared technology which will light up during the dark hours. It can take high-resolution crisp photos with the use of a 12-megapixel image resolution.

There are HD video capabilities which can record in two separate resolution settings. If you’re looking for a camera that can connect and store images and data quickly through wifi, the A-Series is compatible with the Moultrie mobile system.

What's to like about the Moultrie A-Series Game Camera

  • Long range infrared flash
  • Night sensor
  • HD resolution
  • Moultrie mobile compatibility
  • Video & pictures

What's not to like about the Moultrie A-Series Game Camera

  • Slow trigger


  • check
    Long Range Infrared Flash
  • check
    HD Video Capability


  • Slow trigger

3. Spartan HD GoCam

The Spartan company compiled a team of camera users and over many years started to suit people with camera experience. Working together with this team the Spartan GoCam design was created.

Their company wants to give you the best of all cameras that are built to be industrial quality and heavy duty. The Spartan HD GoCam is designed to be compact, but still, give you all the full features that a regular trail camera would have.


The Spartan HD GoCam is created to be durable, useable, and have outstanding performance when compared to other Go cameras. To help you take the best photos possible it has a less than one-second trigger speed. The IR LED arrow gives enough lighting and illumination up to 70 feet away. Photo resolution is around 8MP, and the video resolution can be as high as 720p HD.

The camera can be set to overwrite older photos, making space on the card as you go. You can also choose to change out the SD card, that way you never run out of memory. The GoCam is also water resistant for outdoor use when weather conditions aren’t favorable. To help with gripping there is an oversized rubber gasket which covers the front half as well as an oversized double hinged latch which allows for easy operation.

The read case needs 12 AA batteries, however, it will last a few months without being changed even with continued use. The camera is covered for 2 years after the purchase date.

What's to like about the Spartan HD GoCam

  • AT&T GoCam
  • SIM Card
  • Easy Installation
  • Web & mobile portals
  • No Contract

What's not to like about the Spartan HD GoCam

  • 1 image per burst


  • check
    High Quality Resolution
  • check
    AT&T Data Connect


  • 1 image per burst

4. Covert Code Camera

The Covert Code Camera is a solid cellular camera that can take excellent pictures while on the go. It has a long battery life and is perfect for use outdoors or for surveillance. The Covert company wants you to feel at ease while using this camera.

They put research into what types of features would work for outdoorsmen. Because it will strike some people as weird, you can use a phone number outside of AT&T. The setup process is very easy as well.


This camera is a 3G AT&T trail camera that works by using AT&T towers only. Therefore, if you’re traveling out of the country or to areas where you know you won't be able to get an AT&T signal this camera would not be a good pick.

The picture quality is of a high resolution of 12 mpxl and has a no glow IR to help with lighting. It has a battery life of around 3 months, so you won’t have to replace batteries as often. The detection range can take pictures of up to 70 feet away.

You will need to purchase a data plan for this camera, however, it is not as expensive as their data plans for their phones. You can send photos to wifi and email and text messages. You do not need an AT&T account to use the camera.

What's to like about the Covert Code Camera

  • Camera to text transmission
  • 3G technology
  • Good signal
  • 60 invisible flash LED’s
  • All purpose

What's not to like about the Covert Code Camera

  • Slow trigger speed


  • check
    3G Technology
  • check
    60 ft flash range


  • Slow trigger speed

5. Bushnell Day and Night Camera

The Day and Night Camera is a perfect solution to monitoring your property or using to monitor animals while you are out in the wilderness.

T is a cordless surveillance system which can be set up within less than 5 minutes. Use The Eye-Fi Wifi to transmit photos and videos to a cell phone, tablet, or computer. It's built to be super compact and to be set up on either a tree or pole.


This camera has a 20 black LED with an undetectable flash of 35 feet reach. It uses a Hybrid capture mode which records full resolution images and videos. It has a very simple LCD display, which takes out a lot of the frustration of having to learn how to use a new product. The motion sensor can detect very fast and the trigger speed is 1.6 seconds.

It’s designed to be very compact in size, making it easy to transport. There is multiple shot mode which has 3 images per trigger on each motion event, which other cameras usually don't do. This ensures that you get many pictures that are of high quality and aren't blurry. You can even set a photo delay if you wish.

What's to like about the Bushnell Day and Night Camera

  • No Glow Flash
  • LCD Screen
  • Time Lapse Technology
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Mobi Wifi card

What's not to like about the Bushnell Day and Night Camera

  • Lags


  • check
    PIR Motion Sensor
  • check
    Field Scan Time Lapse Technology


  • Lags


Wireless cameras are going to be a game changer when it comes to instantly having access to high-quality photos whether it is day or night. If you’re ready to purchase a new camera, we highly suggest the Gosira Trail Game Camera.

It has a very high resolution, fast trigger speeds, and is a reasonable price. Just remember that you will need to purchase a plan if you want to purchase one of the AT&T cameras.