Bushnell PowerView HighPowered Binoculars Review

Bushnell PowerView HighPowered Binoculars Review





What We Like

  • Porro-prism binocular
  • Multicoated optics
  • 1-touch Insta focus system

What We Don't Like

  • Not waterproof
  • No eye relief feature

Recent advancements have been exponential for binoculars. No longer do you have to look through clouded glass at a blurry image using low magnification. Now, using binoculars can make your experiences something special, whether you are hiking, bird watching, hunting, or watching sports on the field.

Modern binoculars allow you to get closer to the action with a clarity that has never been seen in years before. One pair of binoculars that allows you to have an amazing viewing experience at a great price point are the Bushnell PowerView 20x50 High-Powered Binoculars. Read on to find out more.

Bushnell PowerView 20x50 High-Powered Binoculars Review

The Bushnell PowerView binoculars offer a 20x magnification which allows you to get up close with your subject. The precision-aligned optics delivers a high quality image that you will love.

The fully multi-coated porro prisms guarantee a greater light transmission that most binoculars, giving you a high contrast, bright picture. The magnification also allows you to identify species clearly from afar. These super high-powered binoculars also boast great surveillance potential.

This doesn’t mean surveillance in a security sense, but in the sense that you can survey wider areas while staying in focus.

Who is this product for?

These high-powered binoculars are well-suited for wildlife and nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, hikers, sports observers, and tourists. These binoculars are on the larger side, making them very stable – perfect for animal spotting on safaris.

What’s included?

The Bushnell PowerView High-Powered Binoculars package includes a durable case to protect the binoculars, two lens covers, and a sturdy neck strap which is very convenient when you are out and about.

Overview of features

The Good

These binoculars have a wide 50 millimeter objective lens and a long 20x magnification that helps you view subjects clearly from far away. They achieve a 170-foot wide field of view from a distance of 1,000 yards.

This means you can view mountain ranges without cutting off the edges, and you can easily track wildlife animals and birds with ease. These binoculars also have a close focusing distance of 45 feet.

The PowerView High-Powered binoculars boast the patented one-touch Insta-focus brings your subject into sharp focus. If your subject is moving quite a lot, or moves in and out of your view, you can easily just tap the Insta-focus slider to get the subject back into focus with crystal clarity.

The non-slip black rubber armor is shock absorbing, ensuring your binoculars stay in great working condition no matter how many knocks it takes. Weighing in at 30 ounces, you should be able to hold these binoculars up with relative ease and can also be used by the younger members of your family without having to worry about arm fatigue.

The 20x50mm model offers ample magnification which gives you a great standard of detail. The fold-down eyecups ensure that you have a comfortable experience when viewing through them.

The short eye relief does mean you should try these before buying them. However, if you purchase them online and find they do not suit you, Bushnell has a simple returns process.

One of the biggest advantages of buying these binoculars is that you know you are purchasing a product from the established Bushnell brand, which is a brand you can trust. The lifetime warranty on all Bushnell products speaks to how seriously they take customer satisfaction.

Additionally, focusing with the Bushnell PowerView High-Powered binoculars is effortless, and can be done by simply sliding the Insta-focus dial with one finger.

The Bad

These binoculars fall short in the weatherproofing category. They are not fog- or waterproof, which means they can be easily damaged if they are used in less than perfect weather conditions, which in some areas is very uncommon, making them practically unusable in some countries.

Some users have reported that they have had issues with these binoculars with regards to double vision. It would appear that this problem is related to just some of the products and not the whole range. The eye relief with these also seems a little lacking when compared to competitor’s models.

How to Use

These binoculars are very easy to use. Simply open them to the right width for comfortable viewing, aim the lenses at the subject, and use the one-touch Insta-focus system to make your view clear and sharp.


POLDR 10x50 Binoculars

The POLDR binoculars are suitable for both daytime use and low light use. They have 10x magnification and a 50-millimetre object lens diameter. The wide field of view make them good more tracking moving subjects. These binoculars are also fog proof and waterproof, allowing you to use them in most weather conditions.


These binoculars are an excelling offering from Bushnell. They are an esteemed brand and it is easy to see why what you look at the image delivery and build quality of the PowerView 20x50 High-Powered binoculars. They are priced very reasonably, making them ideal for beginner and intermediate users.

They also have great light transmission in a durable and fashionable enclosure. It is very rare to see a product of this quality at this price point and these will be appreciated by most users.