Danner Mens Pronghorn Hunting Boot Review

Danner Mens Pronghorn Hunting Boot Review


Danner Men’s Pronghorn Hunting Boots: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Durable, waterproof full-grain CamoHide leather
  • Full-grain leather toe and heel cap
  • 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX lining

What We Don't Like

  • Not ideal for very wet conditions

Some traditions stand the test of time, and some are worthy of perfecting. All of us understand the fine line that runs between changing something for the sake of having something new, versus changing something because it makes it better.

The fourth generation of Danner’s Pronghorn boots consider the best parts of each of its predecessors from the past 20 years, creating a new Pronghorn that embodies everything great in a hunting boot. Read on to find out more about this new generation of their boot.

Danner Men’s Pronghorn Hunting Boots Review

The camo hide leather of previous generations has been brought back, and the technology in using terra force has been developed further to bring users an updated design offering a more lightweight and updated shape.

The leather heel cap and toe protect your boots from wearing, and the toe box has been opened to give a more comfortable fit. Danner has paid close attention to the finer details, forgoing quantity in favor of quality.

Who is this product for?

These boots are perfect for men who enjoy hunting and camping, who want to support their feet, ankles, and lower calves while out in the harsh wilderness or in slippery mud.

What’s included?

The box includes one pair of waterproof, breathable, durable leather and rubber boots with a triple layer of Ortholite cushioning in the foot bed.

Overview of features

The Good

The look of this boot is stylish, the support is noteworthy, and they are comfortable to walk in and wear, ensuring you won’t get blisters on your feet. They are made of leather, with soles that are sturdy on the ground as they carved from rubber in a fine way. The Pronghorn boots are water resistant and can walk on most surfaces without slipping. The style and sole of the boot has changed and improved over time.

The outer exterior found on the toe side is reinforced with stitching. This is a new change, as many of the older versions used to split apart at this point, so this new feature is a welcome change for long-time and new wearers. However, the sole is initially somewhat rigid and a bit more heavier than older models. You will get used to it after a while, and new users won’t know the difference.

The boots keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in winter despite not being insulated. If you find that the size you ordered is slightly too large, wear thick socks to get the fit right for fast-paced walking across many terrains. There are pull-on loops at the back of the boot which help you pull the boot on easily and quickly.

These boots wear well and don’t cause any friction pain, chafing, or blisters. They are solid to wear and still lightweight despite being heavier than their predecessor. The full-grain leather used for the toe cap and toe add extra durability, and the Gore-Tex liner keeps your feet dry and comfortable no matter how long you wear these boots for.

The Bad

You have to wear the boots a few times before they become pliable in the feet. The new technology that has been used makes them uncomfortable around the ankle, but this fades with prolonged use. The boots may also leak from the body or sole of the shoe, so they are not ideal for very wet conditions.

How to Use

These boots are tough and durable, ideal for not just hunting expeditions or camping trips, but for daily use too. They can also be worn when working in slick muddy conditions, or when doing garden work.


Rocky Men's Hiking Boot

This boot is made using premium leather that is both soft and durable. The lace-up design lets you adjust the boot to fit you. The padded tongue and collar help keep debris out, and the Gore-Tex fabric ensures the boots will remain breathable, water- and windproof.

The polyurethane foot bed insert helps absorb shock and cushions your foot. The rubber outsole has great traction, so you won’t slip and can be surefooted when walking.


These boots have comfort, balance, and traction – everything you need when hunting or camping. You won’t ever regret buying these Pronghorn boots, and they work brilliantly in all seasons. There is no odor to be found in these boots, and the modified design is for betterment, not just for change.

These boots are crafted by the best cobblers using machine and manual technology to make this boot. The tradition of these boots has come a long way and they are made for performance. No matter when you go hunting or camping, these boots will perform just the way you need them to.