Morakniv Oraftline Knife Review

Morakniv oraftline Knife Review


Morakniv Craftline Knife: QUICK OVERVIEW


User Friendly



What We Like

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Hard plastic Combi-Sheath
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty

What We Don't Like

  • Isn't stainless steel

A great hunting knife can be frustrating to find, especially if you’re unsure what type of knives are currently on the market. Each knife is always different and will come designed with a different style, be crafted from different materials, and have different features.

Needless to say, finding a hunting knife perfect for you may take extra time to research. To help you find an excellent hunting knife, we have chosen to recommend one to you. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning about one of our top affordable picks for hunting knives of 2018.

Morakniv Craftline Knife Review

The Morakniv Brand started off manufacturing their high-quality knives in Mora, Sweden. At the time, these knives were a very popular style used for various tasks. The company began in 1891 and has since been growing to reach markets all over the world. Their knives are designed to be high-quality, durable, and multi-purpose.

Most of the Morakniv brand knives look very similar, however, each blade is crafted with different materials, crafted to have different blade types, and are useful in a variety of different situations. If you’re in the market for an affordable knife that can easily slice and dice in a number of difficult situations, the Morakniv Craftline Knife may be a perfect choice.

Who is this Product for?

This knife is designed to be an affordable alternative to many other hunting knives on the market. It’s perfect for the average camper or hunter and can be used for both survival and hunting.

You do not need to be an expert to wield or use this blade, however, it is designed with extra thick carbon steel to handle situations where you need a heavy-duty knife. Use it for hunting, camping, or protection. The knife is designed to be used either on its own or as part of a set. This is due to the fact that it comes with a Combi-Sheath that includes the ability to connect another knife.

What’s Included?

The Morakniv Craftline knife includes a fixed blade knife with an extra-thick carbon steel blade. It also includes a hard plastic Combi-Sheath that includes for the ability to connect a second knife and sheath.

Overview of Features

The Craftline knife features an extra-thick carbon steel fixed blade that is durable, heavy duty, and sharpens easily. The carbon steel is a lot stronger than regular stainless steel, which provides a sharper and durable edge.

The handle is TPE and is designed to be slip-proof and impact resistant. For safety, there is a finger guard, as it can be dangerous to use this incredibly sharp knife. Lastly, it comes with a hard plastic combination sheath which allows for the option to attach to a second knife.

How to Use This Knife

The Craftline knife is designed to work in a number of different situations. You can easily use it for hunting, camping, or general protection.

It’s a very small blade, only around 4 inches, so either store it in your pocket, bag, or attach the sheath to your belt loop. We highly recommend that you sharpen this knife before you use it, as this will help prevent any issues if you’re planning to cut through tough materials. 

Once ready to use, just pull it out and steadily hold the blade to slice and cut. Just remember to properly store this knife after you’re done using it, and to wash it as well. The knife is not stainless steel, so you’re going to see a built up of grime and/or discoloration after extended use.

Alternative Product

If the Craftline blade is too small of a knife and does not meet the requirements for your needs, we highly suggest the following knives: the Morakniv Craftline Pro S, Morakniv Basic 511, and the Morakniv Craftline Pro C. All of these knives are designed for different uses, but they are all crafted from the same high-quality durable carbon steel.

Each of the blades is also crafted to have different tips, making some useful for stabbing and puncturing, while others are better for butchering and slicing. All of these knives are also very similar in price range, so you won’t have to haul out extra cash for a useful blade.


The Morakniv Craftline is an excellent choice for a cheap and effective hunting knife. It’s small and portable and can easily be stored in your bag or on your belt loop. This blade will be a great pick for anyone who wants a small blade for general use.

While the blade is crafted to be heavy duty, you’ll need to remember that this blade is not stainless steel and isn’t anti-corrosion. So, while this does make a great choice for most people, if you’re looking for a blade with a long lifespan, then you may have to keep looking.