Moultrie MCG-13201 A30 Game Camera Review

Moultrie MCG-13201 A30 Game Camera Review


Moultrie MCG-13201 Game Camera: QUICK OVERVIEW


User Friendly



What We Like

  • 1080p HD Video and Audio
  • Long Distance Night Vision Capturing
  • Waterproof Protection

What We Don't Like

  • No issues so far

Brands such as Moultrie are well known for trail cameras and have many different models that you can purchase. If you’re well-versed in the world of game cameras, it might be easier to identify the specifications between each Moultrie camera model.

For this review, we’re focusing on the MCG-13201 A30 model, so you can get a better understanding of this Moultrie camera’s features, and just what they do for you.

Moultrie MCG-13201 Game Camera Review

This all-purpose Moultrie Game Camera is used by hunters and residential and commercial property owners to monitor the area. Moultrie is a reputable brand in the trail camera industry and provide many series and models to its customers, so specific needs are met.

 The MCG-13201 A30 is a great camera that has branched out into two specific upgraded models such as the Moultrie A-30i and the Moultrie A-35. All three of these cameras were released in the beginning, middle, and end of 2017.

Who Is This Product For?

The reasonably priced Moultrie Game Camera is a reliable camera option for anyone who is looking to monitor the movement in the woods or on their property. The camera can also be used for indoor surveillance, making it a viable alternative to some of the pricier home security cameras.

Business owners, farmers, hunters, homeowners, and more have gotten great use out of this camera because of its ability to take pictures indoors, outdoors, during the day, and at night.

What’s Included?

When purchasing the Moultrie Game Camera, you should also expect to buy a micro USB cable (same used with smartphones) to download your data from the camera to the computer.

The package does not include an SD card or batteries, which are standard. Alongside the wildlife camera, you get a plastic, weatherproof protection casing, SIM card, and 72-inch mounting strap.

Overview of Features

With the fantastic features of the Moultrie game camera, it’s no surprise that it’s as highly recommended as it is. The design ensures that you get quality coverage at an affordable price. You’re able to catch quick movement with the camera’s 0.7-second trigger speed regardless of the time of day.

Full-color photos and video are taken during the daytime, while the camera’s 24 LEDs and 850nm low-glow, infrared technology captures images at night. Even during total darkness, movement from up to 70 feet away will be captured.

Due to the camera’s dual resolution settings, you can control your image quality and make for smaller file sizes. The 1920x1080 low-resolution setting are recommended for night use and images, while the high-resolution 4608x2592 gets supported for the 15 second long videos that get recorded.

The camera works with SD cards up to 32GB and runs on 8 AA batteries. It can take up to an impressive 17,000 photos before it loses its power. While the protective casing is waterproof, using lithium batteries instead of rechargeable battery extends the power life in harsher weather conditions.

Moultrie has also made the MCG-13201 A30 Game Camera wireless mobile compatible. The field modem is sold separately, and you need to install the Moultrie Mobile app, but it does allow transmitting images as you’re on the move. Additionally, there is a 2-year warranty on the camera.

How to Use

Reading over the instruction manual that comes with your Moultrie camera is going to be the best way to ensure you get the best guide possible. However, the setup for this game camera is quite simple and involves ejecting the battery cartridge, installing 8 AA batteries, returning the cartridge to the allotted slot, and turning the camera on.

The device automatically counts down to bring you to the set-up menu. If you require additional help, you can follow along with a basic unboxing and set-p of the Moultrie A-30 from a consumer below.


While it doesn’t include any wireless capabilities, the AKASO 14MP Trail Camera is an excellent alternative to the Moultrie A30 Game Camera. It has fantastic features, expandable storage up to 32GB, password protection, and clear night and daytime photos.


The Moultrie MCG-13201 A30 Game Camera is a fine choice and gets the job done at the end of the day. It’s user friendly, quiet, and camouflages easily, making it a bonus if you want to be discreet. The camera is affordable, small, and extremely useful when taking rapid shots of wildlife.

The sensors on the camera can be on the sensitive side, but given that up to 17,000 images can get stored, it shouldn’t be enough of a con to dissuade you from purchasing. The wireless capabilities give this model something extra that others in its price range don’t have.

 If you’re looking to view your images and videos while on the go; this camera should be at the top of your list. The A30 game camera is an excellent option for those wanting to capture movement during outdoor adventures, or those who want to use it as a security camera.