TEC.BEAN Trail Camera Review

TEC.BEAN Trail Camera Review




User Friendly



What We Like

  • 1080p HD Video and Audio
  • Long Distance Night Vision Capturing
  • Waterproof Protection

What We Don't Like

  • No issues so far

Once you begin looking for the perfect trail camera, you’re going to realize there are plenty of features that you should consider ranging from infrared night capturing to waterproof housing.

The TEC.BEAN Trail Camera incorporates all of the basic features of a trail camera, but it also excels where other brands don’t in terms of quality. With a low profile, sleek, and camouflaged design, it can easily become your most cherished piece of hunting equipment.

TEC.BEAN Trail Camera Review

The main purpose of the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera is to give you the ability to keep eyes on every inch of your property, regardless of if you’re trying to capture animal or human activity. As one of the most important parts of hunting, getting eyes on the movement of your target can help you effectively plan your strategies.

One other TEC.BEAN camera on the market offers similar characteristics, but it’s easy to see how this model is superior. With the incorporation of 940 non-glow infrared lights versus 840 lights in the lesser model, capturing images at night is far easier.

The non-glow infrared lights are essential for creating an undetectable flash that enables the camera to capture clearer images in low light situations. Aside from this crucial difference, both cameras offer the same features.

Who is this Product for?

One of the most beneficial characteristics of trail cameras as a whole is that they are relatively easy to use, even for people who have never had their hands on surveillance equipment before. As an important characteristic, the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera is adaptable to both professional and personal purposes.

Once you mount the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera, you’ll have the ability to keep track of movement around your property regardless of it’s it is animal or human movement. This can be imperative for home and business owners who have been experiencing any criminal activity or the average hunter that is tracking specific targets.

Another phenomenal advantage that this particular camera has is its perfect camouflage, which makes it easy to blend in with its environment. In comparison to other cameras that can be easy to spot, this particular model comes with a woodland camoflage that easily blends into trees and dry brush.

What’s Included?

When it comes time to take the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera out of the box and getting ready for installation, you’ll love that it comes with most of the accessories you’d need for the majority of mounting options. With that being said, there are a few essential accessories that we wish were included. Inside of the kit, you’ll receive:

USB Cable

This cable can be useful for transferring data directly from the camera to a computer, allowing you to review the images and video with ease.

A/V Cable

If you’ve captured any particularly interesting activity on your property or your hunting trail, why not use the A/V cable to hook the camera up to a TV? You and your family or friends can look at the stunning ecological movement on a larger screen.

Mounting Belt

As an accessory that is necessary for semi-permanent installation, the mounting belt allows you to affix the camera to the majority of places such as trees.

1-Year Warranty

There are three specific features that we wish were included with the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera, mounting screws, a wall mount, and a tripod mount.

With the help of mounting screws and a wall mount, you have the opportunity to permanently affix the camera to any surface, which is essential for people who cannot attach the camera to a tree. As for a tripod mount, it can be a beneficial accessory that allows you to take advantage of the portability of your camera.

Overview of Features

There are plenty of features integrated into the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera, including:

1080p HD Video and Audio

With the ability to capture up to 12 MP of images and 1080p HD video, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on high-quality media while using this particular trail camera. You’ll easily be able to take up to nine pictures in a single shutter, plus the picture and video capturing triggers in less than one second.

Long Distance Night Vision Capturing

It’s quite possible the majority of animal activity on your property occurs at night, which is why you’ll love the long distance night vision where you can capture movement at up to 75 feet in complete darkness. This is all thanks to the 940 low-light infrared LED lights.

Variety of Capture Modes

Capture modes are important as they give you the ability to customize how you use your trail camera. The TEC.BEAN Trail Camera offers motion detection, hybrid capturing mode, as well as independent video and picture capturing.

Waterproof Protection

Although the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera surely isn’t the most expensive trail camera on the market, it is still important for you to protect your investment. The IP66 waterproof casing with password protected entry helps to prevent damage from tampering and weather.


As the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera is competitively priced, it’s simple to compare it to other models on the market such as the Rexing Woodlens H1 Trail Camera. For a few extra dollars, there are a couple of important features you’ll receive from the Rexing model versus the TEC.BEAN model such as better image quality and a faster trigger speed.

With the Rexing Woodlens H1 Trail Camera, users will have access to 16 MP photos in comparison to 12 MP with the TEC.BEAN brand. In addition, the Rexing model boasts an impeccable 2-millisecond trigger speed, versus the TEC.BEAN, which has a trigger speed of 8 milliseconds.

Depending on what you’re looking for in a trail camera, you may be willing to forego these features in order to choose the least expensive model.


With an assortment of impressive features, it’s difficult to find faults of the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera, as it is an inclusive camera that gives you the vast majority of features you’d get from a higher end brand.

With the ability to capture high-quality photos, videos, and audio, there’s not much more you could ask for in a trail camera for either hunting or personal use.