Trail Camera Reviews

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Trail Camera Reviews

Read helpful trail camera reviews online at Wildlife Chase and make a smarter investment when purchasing a trail camera. Our side-by-side product comparisons and reviews offer an in-depth look at the best camera on the market today.

Read Our Expert’s Comparison of the Following Cameras:

Rexing Woodlens H1 HD Trail Camera

TEC.BEAN Trail Camera

CamKing E5

Bushnell Trophy Cam

Wildgame Innovations Mirage

We’ve reviewed the best of the best and have made our recommendation for the first choice based on our research into trail camera reviews. We believe the Rexing HD Trail Camera is the best product out there for several important reasons. Let’s look at the most common problems users experience with a trail camera, and we’ll tell you why we’ve chosen the Rexing Woodlens.

Common Pitfalls

– Falling out of trees- The Rexing Woodlens addresses this problem right out of the starting gate with a unique design that makes it secure as a mountable camera. Its tree strap mount is password protected to ensure no one else can come along and take it- and critters can’t knock it over.

– Narrow Range of Motion- The Woodlens has a solution to this problem as well; in fact, its motion sensors operate at 120 angles of detection.

– Dark Photos- Infrared night-vision LED flash is quiet and discreet, able to track movement up to 64 feet from its mounted location.

You can read more about the Rexing Woodlens on our website by visiting our trail camera reviews. Priced on Amazon at just $99, we feel the Woodlens is an exceptional buy. When you’re through reading our reviews, click over to our Trail Camera Advice section where you’ll find some informative and exciting articles designed to help you get the most out of your investment.

Check Your Captured Images on your iDevice

Our article on How to View Trail Camera Photos on iPhone is a must-read for anyone wanting to check out images of what their camera has caught while away from their laptop or desktop computer. Pick up Lightning to USB Camera Adapter from your local Apple store, and you can efficiently use it on your iPad or iPhone. At the cost of under $30, we think you’ll find it will prove its value in a short amount of time.

Secure Your Home Property

Using a trail camera set-up for home security can double the return on your original investment. You’ll find a trail surveillance camera to be ideal for security due to enhanced features that mimic CCTV. Trail cameras can do as much if not more than the typical CCTV system and come at a much lower price point.

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